Columbus Ohio's Premiere BDSM Dominatrix BDSM Fetish Dungeon


About Mistress Katelyn & The Columbus BDSM Club

Unhappy with your local options? These are the distances to The Columbus BDSM Club from nearby cities.... 

Cleveland - 2 Hours Away

Cincinnati - 90 Minutes Away

Dayton - 1 Hour Away

Pittsburgh - 3 Hours Away

Akron - 2 Hours Away

Indianapolis - 2 1/2 Hours Away

Huntington - 2 1/2 Hours Away

Louisville - 3 Hours Away


After over 20 years in this lifestyle, I would say that although I am a very sensual Domme, I have a very sadistic side. I love being a part of another's journey in this hedonistic realm. It can involve pain, simply just the threat of pain or the withholding of pleasure which can seem almost painful in the  moment. My tactics are centered on using your sexual depravity and my sexual prowess against you. Above all else I am an articulate experienced Alpha female, that takes mind fucking to an entirely new level. My years of experience offer you world class debauchery with all the safety protocols a true Domme knows should be in place. "Sub-space" aftercare is a top priority along with sanitation procedures. Here, you are playing with one of the best in the field...

Unlike many Mistresses, I engage in body worship aka "queening" (not sex) at MY whim, not just because you request it. It has absolutely nothing to do with pleasing you, and everything to do with my pleasure, as it should be. Queening is an ancient art in which a woman presses and rubs her genitalia  and/or anus against the tongue, lips, and nose of her subordinate. She classically positions herself in a sitting on or straddling over another's face: facesitting. The first images of this can be seen in ancient Egyptian drawings, but it is known to have been a historic part of ancient Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Medieval European, Victorian and  other cultures. You will see that it is NOT defined as oral sex. It is defined as being whatever the QUEEN wants it to be.

Originally a way for upper class women (Queens included) who wished to achieve sexual gratification without becoming pregnant. It was usually the job of male slaves and servants to submit to their  mistresses desires, in Japan there were even brothels where male slaves were specially trained in the art of queening. So as you can see, although many Mistresses look down on this practice, as a superior female, it is actually my rightful place to sit on your face. I am just behaving as a true queen would...

The play space is large with 5 themed rooms. It includes a full medical room (The Laboratory), the new sissy room (The White Bedchamber), the classroom for naughty boys (The Naughty Classroom) and the main play space (The Red Sanctuary). The newest renovation is the new ABDL room (The Rainbow Littles Nursery). Unlike most play spaces, you can shower here and we are in an upscale suburban location. Photos are on the Galleries page!

 If some words below baffle you (newbies), GOOGLE is an excellent tool. Use it instead of asking me repetitive questions.

Activities that I have taken high interest in:


Electrical Play

 Violet wands and Tens Units (with insertable plugs as well). I now also have vibrating sounds!

Tease & Denial (chastity/ key holding) / EDGING!! 

 I can’t express enough how much the control over your pleasure pleases me to no end! I have integrated edging into every session of every kind that I offer. Will never get enough…

Corporal punishment / Disciplinarian

From a very young age, I have had a fixation with asses and spanking them. Whips, crops, floggers, paddles, caning…I would say OTK spanking/paddling is a favorite. I have wooden paddles of many sizes. I have close to one hundred paddles, floggers, and whips. One of my very favorite roles, every one of you deserves a bare bottom spanking, boys are generally rotten to the core. I am here to teach you manners, and show you lessons must be learned! 

Smothering / Queening

(See Above)

Medical Play (Includes Sounding)

Sissification/Cross dressing

 The White Bed Chamber is just for you. Heels, wigs, makeup, lingerie, pretty panties, and dresses all for you. I even have cross dressing silicone breasts to give you true feminine form. Let’s bring out the girlie sissy in you, and make the alpha disappear as I take over....

Bondage, Mummification & Abandonment

 I love restraining my sissies and sluts, I love abandoning them even more. Your control withers away with each restraint and knot tied. Straight jacket anyone?

Body Worship 

Let’s just say when I get turned on by your enslavement, I sometimes take advantage…foot and ass worship are favorites….

CBT, Nipple Torture, Ball Busting

 I enjoy these IMMENSELY!!!

Cuckold / Forced Bi 

Enough said… (we now have a wall of glory holes! )

Humiliation/Verbal Abuse

 Bring your tiny cock/oversized clit to my dungeon and be prepared to eat every drop of fluid that cums from it dirty slut.....


(Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Sissy Babies, Age Players, and Age Regression)

Forced Masturbation
Tickle Torture
Domestic Training

Forced Waxing/Shaving
Puppy/Pony/Pet Training
Face Slapping/Spitting
Temperature Play
Sensory Deprivation
Giantess (macrophilia)
Golden Shower (extra 50 tribute due to prep and cleanup)