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I offer multiple ways to make initial contact for screening and scheduling.  

You should NEVER contact a Mistress to ask questions that can easily be answered by reading her website(s). And as a general rule, you really should not contact her unless you have done your research on the lifestyle and her and know that you want to proceed with screening/scheduling. When you do not follow this etiquette, you are taking away from others who have taken the correct steps to engage with me. So please, keep this in mind. Below are the acceptable ways to contact me for scheduling in order of MY preference.

1) Fill out the "REQUEST TO SERVE" form and give me a window of time to call you (during my regular phone hours of 10am to 6pm). There is a space on the form for you to give me your preferred time window. Again, this makes the  screening much more efficient. Yes, I will call...if there is a timing  conflict I will email you back with a window when I AM available. 

2)  For those who have concerns about sending a form, you may call me during my regular phone hours of 10am to 6pm. This is my least preferred way to reach me, because I am often unable to answer due to my appointments. But I understand the need for alternatives and if you leave an articulate message, I will call you back. Please do not TEXT me unless we are already familiar with one another. Thank you!


My "normal" hours are now 10am -10pm Monday - Sunday BUT....

​All appointments starting after 6pm and on Sundays must be at least 2 hours long. Sunday appointments must be scheduled 2 days in advance. I do not answer calls or emails on Sundays unless I have an appointment.


My days currently: Monday - Sunday 10am to 10pm.  

(The exception would be appointments longer than 2 hours)

Unless otherwise agreed, my latest session start time is 8pm. 

(614) 928-4449

​I answer my phone between 10am and 6pm Monday - Saturday