Columbus Ohio's Largest Female Owned BDSM Play Space

Columbus Ohio's Largest Female Owned BDSM Play Space

Columbus Ohio's Largest Female Owned BDSM Play SpaceColumbus Ohio's Largest Female Owned BDSM Play SpaceColumbus Ohio's Largest Female Owned BDSM Play Space




Please DO NOT ask me what the Tribute is, all Tributes are disclosed to you prior to your visit through this website prior to our appointment. Upon entering please have it ready before we start our session and leave it on the table indicated. When we schedule our appointment, tell me how long of a session you are interested in.

Entering and Leaving The Play Space: 

Upon arrival please quietly come in and reserve our greeting for inside the  facility. Please keep the good byes inside as well. The whole "Thank you Mistress Katelyn!" is a bit more information than the neighbors need.... 


I  have reserved this time for you. I will not reschedule with someone who "no shows" or cancels last minute. It is very rare that I need to reschedule anyone on my end, but I always deal with all situations in a professional manner. 

I appreciate 48 hours notice, but I require 24 hour notice of appointment cancellations, it is common courtesy in any other profession. 


I  have chosen to be a low volume Mistress, I found through my experiences I am at my best and enjoy my lifestyle the most with this schedule. I take the full hour/hours and it can run over when you add in cleanup afterwards. Please allot the time needed in your schedule to savor all I have to offer. I take pride in offering time spent that will make you beg to serve me again. DO NOT show up late....

Extra Tributes: 

Please keep in mind sluts, a great Mistress that cares about her subs and her reputation, spends hours before and after preparing for your time together. Being a dungeon owner, there is also the extra time and investment involved in maintaining a 2100 SQFT space with 5 themed rooms for us to play in and have your fantasies realized. 

Cash tips are always great but putting the extra effort in picking up something that you know I will like is a great way to start a relationship with a new  Mistress. My list of favorites are below...

Amazon e-gift cards are always the best and most welcome of all gifts...simply  click the link and send the gift card to my email address 


Easy to order online, comes up on your credit card as a regular Amazon purchase so no worries about discretion and every dime goes to your Mistress unlike most other ways to tribute. Plus there is a note so you can leave me a message when you send it.  


In Person Gifts:

Bath and Body Works
(Moonlight Path)
Any unopened kinky toy!

Gifts cards from :

Amazon- Most preferred of all!
Bath and Body Works
North Face